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How do I get an Energy Performance Certificate?

By law, EPCs can only be produced by an accredited Energy Assessor. The accreditation schemes protect builders, owners, landlords and tenants by making sure Energy Assessors have the appropriate skills to carry out energy assessments, and that EPCs are always of the same high quality.

You can find an accredited Energy Assessor at, or by contacting an accreditation scheme on the Communities and Local Government website. An agent may also help you locate an assessor.

The energy assessor will need to understand the internal layout of the building, how it has been constructed, what it is designed to be used for, the services and lighting and controls used. This is to understand the energy demands of each individual space (zone) in accordance with its designed use.

This information is fed into a Government approved software package which will produce your EPC. At the same time recommendations will be produced by the software and reviewed by the assessor with their knowledge of your building to produce a recommendations report to accompany your certificate.

All EPCs must be registered and stored in the national register at with a unique reference number. This must be done by the Energy Assessor in conjunction with their accreditation scheme.


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